Men’s Haircuts in Huntington Beach, CA

Hair Cuts

  • The Butch…..$16
  • The Boys Cut (age 6 & under)…..$20
  • The Q Ball…..$20-$30
  • Regular Cut…..$25
  • The Scissor or Style Cut…..$30

Shampoo, Color and Shave

  • Shampoo…..$ 7
  • Beard Trim…..$15
  • Beard Trim Razor Lineup…..$20
  • Beard Trim & Haircut…..$35
  • The Shave…..$35
  • Shave & Haircut…..$55
  • Q Ball & Shave…..$50-60
  • Man Bear Back Shave…..$30

Wedding Party Policy
Wedding parties 4 or more, add $5 per service listed above. $100 deposit is required.

No Show Policy: Don’t Do It, but Shit Happens

  • 1st One is a free-be
  • 2nd One you pay for two cuts next time
  • 3rd One you might not be welcomed back

Other Shit You Should Know

  • All cuts include straight razor finish and a hot towel cleanup
  • The Scissor & Style Cut: Shear work little to no clipper work, long hair, and lines, etc
  • We have the right to refuse to cut dirty ass hair
  • If we can’t make you look good, you’re just plain ugly