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He knows how you’re going to look years from now when you’re lying in your casket; he’s already seen you. Greg Krupa has been the man in the suit who ensures you are clean and dressed, your hair and nails are just right, and your shoes are shined (even if no one will see them); he is a licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director.

“The transition to barbering isn’t that much of a leap; now there’s just more conversation than before,” he laughs, “I consider myself classically trained in the art of making you look good… even in the end.”

Greg, born in Chicago, is married, and his wife is also a mortician. They reside in Long Beach with ten Koi, seven chickens, four cats, and two tortoises. In addition to owning Harbor Barber, Greg also owns a local music shop called AB Music Studios, which offers lessons, boutique gear, and instrument repairs.

Greg extends an invitation to anyone reading this to come on down to Harbor Barber, have a beer, and let him show you his craft; just ask for “The Mortician.”

Contact Greg at +1 (714) 907-0232 or at by email.



Armando Velasco, 34, is a happily married father of two. He met his wife, Leslie, at a club while she was earning her Master’s Degree in his hometown of Salinas, California.

“She separated from the herd, and I attacked that sh*t like a lion,” Armando laughs. Despite his verbiage, he is, in fact, a family man. He now resides in Long Beach with Leslie and their two children. Besides his job at the shop, he spends the vast majority of his time with his family.

Before becoming a barber, Armando worked in the aerospace industry for over a decade; his duties ranged from waving wands to fueling engines to running brackets and assembling kits for plane parts.

“Disillusioned by the industry, Armando decided to pursue a career in barbering; he attended Pro Barber College in Westminster, and after a six-month stretch at a Long Beach Barbershop, he was asked to join the team at Harbor Barber.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had. I love meeting new people, making them look good, and having conversations. It’s a release; the experiences here are incredibly rewarding for my clients and me. I’m always one of the first guys in and one of the last to leave.”



Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, Bob Coleman moved to SoCal a decade ago, immediately acclimated to the weather, and vowed never to return (except when he visits his mom). He chose the barber lifestyle because he needed a job where he could do his two favorite things: make jokes and talk about sports. In his free time, Bob likes watching TV, riding his e-bike along the beach, chilling with his two rescue mutts, and teasing his wife.


Dakoda Quinn

Dakoda Quinn, a God fearing man, barber, music producer, musician, skater, photographer, and international traveler. A man with too many hobbies no doubt. Fortunately, he has made a career out of at least one of those hobbies. Turns out he is pretty good at that barbering thing. "I have been barbering since 2017 and now do not want to do anything else," says Dakoda. Covid forced him into the awful world of loans for a time and that is all it took for him to know barbering was for him. Whether it is an old-school traditional cut or the shaggy surfer look, his have got you covered. Hot towel shave, face or head , no problem. He takes pride in his craft and guarantees you will look good after stopping by. "I work hard to always make people feel welcomed and comfortable. Come on by I would love to have ya."

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Joseph "Brint" Cox

I've been cutting hair since 2008 and really enjoy what I do. I grew up in Costa Mesa my family lives in Huntington, so I'm pretty local. I made a little human, so I can karaoke any song from Frozen and always have the intro to bluey stuck in my head. I'm also a huge Star Wars fan and I don't hate the new movies and I know I'm wrong for it. 


Sam Macdonald

It doesn’t take long after meeting him to learn that Sam Macdonald is the real “Fantastic Sam.”  He takes great pride in listening to what every customer wants and then turning that idea into a reality. Nothing makes Sam happier than a fully satisfied client.

With a passion for playing music from a young age, Sam channels this same energy into his career as a barber. His Mom has run a beauty salon for decades and is one of the biggest motivations in Sam’s pursuit to make every customer look their best. After graduating from the Paul Mitchell School, Sam immediately started working at a nationally recognized barber chain. Sam worked hard and earned many life-long clients, but he started to crave the personal touch that a smaller, more intimate corner barbershop could provide. In comes Greg from Harbor Barber, who gave this young, hungry, and service-oriented worker a shot. The rest, as they say, is history.

A fun fact about Sam is he tried to cut his own hair with crayola scissors when he was 4 years old. His skills have come a long way since then. 

“I feel extremely fortunate to be around such a passionate crew. My goal is to make sure every client leaves feeling better than when they first sat down in my chair," says Sam.



I like white wine, long walks on the beach, and cruising down the vineyards with the boys in my Miata. What? Wrong profile? What do you mean this isn’t Christian Mingle dot com? Well since I already started I might as well finish. The name is Gomez, Devin Gomez and I’m currently enrolled in barber college at CR’U Institute. I was born in Fountain Valley and raised all over Orange County. When I’m not at work or school you can definitely catch me at the movie theater (don’t worry no Paul Reuben’s wild ride here) or I’m spending time with family and hitting up restaurants.

I’m easy going, laid back, and cool as a cucumber 🥒. Been shop keep and apprenticing at the shop for nearly two years and finishing barber school at the end of August. I never shy away from a challenge or a haircut because it just makes me a better barber. Anyways I gotta go master my craft and be the best barber I can be, hope to see you in my chair soon.

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