Summer is Wedding Season

Posted on July 12, 2015

Are you a sad, lonely bastard or a starry eyed husband-to-be? A weekend warrior about to ruin your best friend’s future via bachelor party or an open bar savvy Joe with a plus one? Here at Harbor Barber, we don’t care; it doesn’t change the fact that Summer is wedding season and you and the boys are due for a cut and a shave. We’re here to help grooms and groomsmen alike look their sharpest for the big day; figure out when everyone’s available and set an appointment before we’re all booked and you end up at a chain salon. Okay, I just checked out a few different chain salons on Yelp and some of them do have pretty great reviews. They don’t let you drink at these places though; only the employees do that, in private, because they’re sad. Come to Harbor Barber, an authentic barbershop, after you call to set that appointment; it’s very important that you call. Or, if you have phone anxiety, you can just email us under the “Contacts” tab here on our website. Or, for the thrill, you can show up unsolicited with the boys and hope that we’re all here, hanging out with no clients, ready to go (choose option A or B). We’re a four chair shop; each cut and shave can take anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes, so make sure you bring a case of the groom’s favorite beer to pass the time. Happy wedding season, happy Summer, and we look forward to seeing you and the boys soon.