A barber by day, mortician by night

Posted on August 10, 2015

Check out the latest write up from the OC Register:

A barber by day, mortician by night: This Huntington Beach shop owner likes working with bodies, both dead and alive

When one steps into the Harbor Barber barbershop in Huntington Beach, it’s a little like stepping out of time.

The walls are covered with all manner of old-timey art, along with vintage leather strops for sharpening razors. There’s a barber pole in a corner. The air is redolent with the smell of lavender-scented hot towels. The clickety-click of scissors provides a backdrop to the old-school music.

It is as authentic an American barbershop as you could find.

But then there’s the guy in the corner – a skeleton in a chair with an Elvis pompadour and handlebar mustache. And that tells you, not all in the shop is necessarily what you think.

Greg Krupa, 38, the proprietor of the shop, has an interesting second job. When not clipping hair and shaving the living, he performs the same services on-call for the dead as a licensed embalmer and mortician.

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