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Armando Velasco


Armando Velasco, 34, is a happily married father of two.  He met his wife, Leslie, at a club while she was earning her Master’s Degree in his hometown of Salinas, California.  

“She separated from the herd and I attacked that sh*t like a lion,” Armando laughs.  Despite his verbiage, he is, in fact, a family man.  He now resides in Long Beach with Leslie and their two children; their son, A.J. (Armando Jr.), is three years old and their daughter, Inez, is one year old.  Besides his job at the shop, he spends the vast majority of his time with his family.

Before he became a barber, Armando worked in the aerospace industry for over a decade; his duties ranged from waving wands, to fueling engines, to running brackets and assembling kits for plane parts.  Disillusioned by the industry, Armando decided to pursue a career in barbering; he attended Pro Barber College in Westminster and after a six month stretch at a Long Beach Barbershop, he was asked to join the team at Harbor Barber.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had. I love meeting new people, making them look good, having conversations… it’s a release; the experiences here are incredibly rewarding, for both myself and my clients. I’m always one of the first guys in and one of the last to leave.”

By Nick Mayer